UltraLife™ – LED packaging technology, which ensures that the lamp lumen depreciation will not exceed 30% during 50 000 hours of use.


FlickerAvert™ –  Bousval Électrique LED transformers manufactured in accordance with this technology, ensure 33% less power fluctuation resulting in elimination of light vibration.

DriverMAX™ – transformer parts of particular quality and improved production technology guarantees high efficiency during 50 000 hours of use.



LiquidCooling™ – cooling technology in high bay lamps over 100W, ensuring by 15% more rapid cooling, thus, granting a 10% longer lifespan of the lamp.



4500K Efficiency™ – by 13% higher LED lamp efficiency in a 4500K spectrum, thus, there is no difference in energy efficiency in a 4500K and a 6500K spectrum.

Former LED technologies mainly provided maximum energy efficiency at a 6500K light temperature, which causes risk of dazzle and discomfort when staying in such lighting for a longer period of time. 4500K Efficiency™ technology achievements have provided the opportunity to reach 98% of a 6500K light spectrum energy efficiency at a 4500K light spectrum, which is a revolutionary achievement.